Translation: Students of Global Studies Department
Risa Izui, Kahoru Imai, Akari Kobayashi, Ayana Nakazawa, Mao Yoshifuji

1.About Shitennoji University 1.大学案内

Carrying on the Origin of Education 教育の原点を継いでいく。

Shitennoji University originates in the Shitennoji Kyodenin founded 1,400 years ago by Shotoku Taishi as a place for human education and for studying the teachings of Buddha.
Shitennoji University aims to produce students with healthy mind that value the relationship between people by focusing on “Wa (harmony)” of mind as its educational core, utilizing its school motto that starts with “Harmony is to be valued,” which is the first article of the Seventeen-article Constitution authored by Shotoku Taishi. The harmony advocated by Shotoku Taishi is not only “harmony among people” but also means “harmony within society.” It includes many values such as consideration towards others, harmony with the environment, courtesy and ethics. Therefore, Shitennoji University has prepared rich educational environment and facilities, such as wide range of curriculum and extra-curricular activities, opportunities for international exchange, and highly capable faculty and staff members. We are devoted to help our students develop their intelligence and charitable ability as well as high level of communication skills which are most necessary as a responsible member of society.
We are sure you will obtain substantial grounding as a working member of society as well as life-long friends and teachers through “Wa” at our university.

2.Education at Shitennoji University 2.IBUの学び

Education at Shitennoji University IBUの学び

We produce highly capable members of society with our unique curriculum which focuses on the education of heart and mind designed to cultivate enriched humanness as well as to develop expertise in academic knowledge and skills much needed in modern society such as in foreign languages and information processing.

Education of Heart and Mind 心の教育

Once every week in their freshmen year, students at Shitennoji University dress in the assigned suit and attend Buddhist service, which is a compulsory course (Buddhism I and II) for all students.
In the summer semester students meditate and listen to Buddhist sermons and in the winter semester students meditate and make handwritten copies of a sutra. Through the experience in such solemn atmosphere, students develop global perspective, flexible mind and capability for sound judgment. It will lead to building capacity to deal with various situations and to play an active role in society.

Practical Curriculum 実践的なカリキュラム

In order to educate our students to become capable member of increasingly complex and diverse society, we have established the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Business Administration in addition to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2003, we established the Graduate School in Humanities and Social Sciences, creating a rich academic environment in the area of social welfare with its master’s and doctoral programs. In addition, we have started to accept male students in our junior college, providing more choices for their career development.

International Exchange 国際交流

Language is not only a tool for conveying your thoughts and feelings. It has a rich tradition of culture and is constantly growing and changing.
All students at Shitennoji University are provided with various opportunities to study abroad and offered many courses for understanding different cultures.
The communication skills developed through such experience will become a solid foundation for future academic study and for realizing each student’s dream as well as a bridge between Japan and the world.

Career Support 就職支援

In order to find a job and career that best matches you, it is important to master the basic skills of job hunting and knowledge of the field and category of the business.
That is why our collage starts our support for job hunting that matches each step of the process from a very early stage, including institutional research, guidance for each career path, prep courses, trial examinations and individual interview.
By providing a wide range of support for our students who are often puzzled with their first experience in job-hunting, we hope that they will utilize their knowledge they have learned at our university for other people and society.

3.Message from the President 3.学長メッセージ

The origin of Shitennoji University is Shitennoji Kyodenin, the oldest academic institution in Japan, and we have been carrying on its principle of human education based on Buddhist sprit for 1,400 years. In order to meet your various needs, we provide thorough education with content-rich curriculum on a small class size basis at our university, which is comprised of 6 departments in 3 colleges and 2 departments in the junior college.
We are determined to foster your innate feelings of “love” and “kindness” and to become a person with invulnerable mind.
Please enjoy your college life of studying and extra-curricular activities on our campus surrounded by the beautiful nature of Habikino Hills. The faculty and staff members are more than happy to help you realize your dreams. Our motto is “Always, for you.”

4.The Founding Spirit 4.建学の精神

The educational goals of Shitennoji University promote and prioritize the fostering of its students’ high global awareness, as well as a willingness to take on and overcome challenges through successful communication with people and society. Our philosophy closely adheres to the Buddhist spirit of Shotoku Taishi, the founder of the Shitennoji Institute of Religion and Education - the origin of IBU.
Shotoku Taishi became regent of Empress Suiko when he was 20 years old. He authored the Seventeen Article Constitution reflecting the Buddhist spirit, and established The Twelve Level Cap and Rank System. He also displayed excellent international sensibility by sending envoys to the Sui Dynasty to establish meaningful diplomatic relations with China.

Using “Wa”, or “harmony”, as the foundational principle, Shotoku Taishi established new schools of thought within the Japanese political and economic systems, diplomatic policy, culture, and philosophy.
Students at Shitennoji University attend Buddhist service. Through the experience in the solemn atmosphere, students develop global perspective, flexible mind and capability for sound judgment. It will lead to building capacity to deal with various situations and to play an active role in society.
As such, Shitennoji University provides an educational system that encourages and drives the desire of each student to study in order to actualize the ideal of Shotoku Taishi.
Through our curriculum that enables students to acquire general and academic knowledge, they further develop an innovative perspective and an ability to take action.

5.Contacts 5.問会わせ先

General Information
General Affairs Office
Phone: +81 72-956−3181

Administration (including international application)
Administration Office
Phone: +81 72-956−3183

Web site
Administration Office
Phone: +81 72-956−3183

6.Facts 6.情報公開

University 大学

The Faculty of Humanities of Social Sciences
  • Department of Japanese Studies
  • Department of Languages and Cultures
    • Japanese Language and Culture Major
    • Chinese Language and Asian Culture Major
  • Department of Global Studies
  • Department of English Language and Culture
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Human Welfare
    • Major in Health and Social Welfare
    • Major in Social Childcare
The Faculty of Education
  • Department of Education
    • Elementary and Early Childhood Education Course
    • Junior High School English and Elementary Education Course
    • Health Education Course
The Faculty of Business Administration
  • Department of Business Administration
    • Management Course
    • Business Finance Course
    • Business Law Course
Junior College
  • Department of Child Education
  • Department of Life Navigation
    • Major in Life Design
    • Major in Life Care and Welfare
Graduate School
  • Master’s Program in Human Welfare
  • Doctoral Program in Human Welfare

Number of Students (as of May 1, 2016)

Shitennoji University
Colleges Male Female Total
The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 976 783 1,759
The Faculty of Education 454 661 1,115
The Faculty of Business Administration 414 79 493
Total 1,844 1,523 3,367
Junior College
Departments Male Female Total
Department of Child Education 1 214 215
Department of Life Navigation, Major in Life Design 0 212 212
Department of Life Navigation, Major in Life Care and Welfare 3 28 31
Total 4 454 458
Graduate School
Programs Male Female Total
Master’s Program in Human Welfare 4 0 4
Doctoral Program in Human Welfare 1 0 1
Total 5 0 5