The Microteachings Have Begun!

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Rob Kerrigan here. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about what we’re doing in my zemi this semester. My fourth-year students are busy working on their research papers. Some of the topics are really interesting, and I can’t wait to see how their studies will turn out. Recently, we did interview practice: how to make interview questions, how to conduct interviews, and how to conduct interview data.

My third-year students are doing their usual group discussions. We have been doing them in English and Japanese. We have been discussing a variety of topics, such as educational topics like “How can teachers increase the number of interactive activities in their language classrooms?” We have also been talking about international issue. For instance, we recently had a deep discussion (in Japanese) about the current Israel-Palestine conflict. It’s such a complex issue, but the students did a great job expressing their thoughts on the matter. They really surprised me!

Something we are doing this semester in my zemi is microteaching. For this activity, the students have to give their classmates an English-speaking activity and teach it to them in English. Some of my zemi students will do their teaching practice next year to get their English teaching license, and some of them will try to become English teachers in the future. This is a good opportunity to stand in front of others and try to teach something in the target language. Also, they can try to use their or their classmates’ activities in their teaching practice or in their own classrooms in the future. Even for the students who won’t become teachers in the future, this is a good opportunity to plan an activity and perform in front of others. This is a skill that they will most likely need in their future careers. This activity is a big challenge for my students, but I think it is worthwhile and will help them to be more comfortable talking in English in front of others.

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