Greetings! This is Eric Martin, teacher in the English Education and Elementary School Course.

This past year has been a unique time for everyone, but it has also been a great learning experience for teachers and students alike in the Education Department. By now, our students have mastered the art of engaging in on-line lessons, and although we cannot meet in person, that has not stopped us for learning and having a lot of fun!

For example, in Zoom’s breakout rooms, our students have learned to use their computers to give presentations with visual aids, using PowerPoint and YouTube to engage their classmates. Students also have chances to talk with different groups of classmates each week. One of our favorite games is turning our cameras off and changing our names, and then talking about ourselves so that our classmates have to guess who we are!

Students have also said that they enjoy using Google Classroom, which they use to ask me questions and to tell me what sort of topics (such as movies, music, and events) that they would like to talk about. This has made it easier than ever for me to personalize our lessons to fit the students’ interests.


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