English Research Symposium 2021

Shitennoji University’s 2021 English Research Symposium was held on Jan. 25. This year, five fourth-year students from the English Education course volunteered to present in front of their peers and all of the English Education course teachers.



As with each year’s symposium, each student conducted research, and then presented their findings entirely in English.


There was an eclectic array of topics this year, including:

  • Public opinions about early English education in Japan
  • The relationship between teacher behavior and students’ trust in them
  • How prepared public teachers feel for a school-related crisis
  • The use of new ICT technology in public schools
  • The effect of Covid-19 on trends in beauty care



  • 日本の早期英語教育に対する世論
  • 教師の行動と生徒の信頼関係について
  • 教師が学校関係の危機にどのような心構えで臨んでいるか
  • 公立学校における新しいICT技術の活用
  • 新型コロナウイルスと美容トレンド


This year, special arrangements were made to ensure that all students could join, despite the need for social distancing. To this end, several students watched the symposium online, although most students attended the symposium in-person and sat in designated, spaced seats.


Regardless, we had more audience members participate in Q&A sessions—in English—than ever before. It seems that, year after year, the students are becoming more and more confident in their ability to use English freely.


The juniors were greatly inspired by these presentations and could imagine how they might present their own research next year.



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