Career and Qualification Support

Career Center

Using an abundance of data, we provide comprehensive support for students seeking employment

In the Career Center, experts in private industry and fields of occupation such as civil servants, childcare workers, and welfare workers provide one-on-one guidance to individual students.

Teacher Development Promotion Center

Comprehensive support for students aiming to become teachers

The Teacher Development Promotion Center was established to help students find employment as teachers.

Ranked among the top private universities in western Japan for the number of students successfully entering the teaching profession

Ranked top among private universities in Osaka

Ranked 2nd among private universities in western Japan (coed)

Successful teacher employment test candidates for 2018: 84 students

74 elementary school teachers

5 junior high and high school teachers

5 school nurses

Total successful candidates including graduates: 168

In terms of students finding employment as teachers, IBU ranks 20th among national, public, and private universities in Japan. This makes us No. 1 among private universities in Osaka.

(Note: As of 2017.)

Abeno Harukas Satellite Campus

Our base in Osaka City for providing comprehensive support for students seeking employment

At our satellite campus on the 23rd floor of Abeno Harukas in Osaka, staff members of the Career Center are always waiting to provide comprehensive support for students seeking employment.

Types of Companies and Industries IBU Graduates Have Joined

  • Transport, IT, construction, real estate (includes travel and airline)
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Finance, insurance
  • Services (includes hospitals and advertising), other
  • Civil service, teaching, daycare, other
  • Social welfare


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Japanese Studies

Department of Global Studies

Department of Sociology

Major in Health and Social Welfare, Department of Human Welfare

Faculty of Education

Department of Education

Faculty of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Junior College

Department of Child Education

Major in Life Design, Department of Life Navigation

Major in Life Care and Welfare, Department of Life Navigation

  • Note: The numbers in the above table were rounded off, so the percentage totals may not add up to 100.
  • Note: The career tracks shown in the table are current as of February 28, 2018.

Graduate School

University instructor (associate professor, full-time instructor)

St. Catherine University, Hanazono University, Tezukayama Gakuin University, Kinjo University, Shiseikan University, others

Vocational school instructor (full-time instructor, etc.)

Kansai College of Social Welfare, others

Social welfare facility staff (managers, etc.)

Osaka Prefectural Social Welfare Organization, Shitennoji Welfare Organization, others

Municipal government office staff

Osaka City Hall, Daito City Hall, Habikino City Hall, Shanghai City Hall (China)

Social welfare council member

Kawachinagano City Council of Social Welfare

Note: In no particular order.

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