Student Services


Students who meet the criteria can take advantage of IBU’s own scholarship program. Scholarships are for highly motivated students who have excelled at academics but whose economic situation limits their options for studying at university or overseas, and for high-achieving students who have excelled in extracurricular activities.

Student Support Center

At the consultation counter, students can consult with professional staff members about any concerns and problems they have regarding their school life.

Extension Center

As a university serving the local community, IBU has courses and lectures open to the general public. For IBU students, we provide educational support and advice on their future career. This includes guidance and consultation on obtaining qualifications/certifications and lectures on preparing for qualifications/certifications.

Office Hours

During teachers’ office hours, students can discuss academic matters and career options. Check teachers’ office hours and pay them a visit.

Health Center

The Health Center provides annual medical checkups and other services for disease prevention and health management so that our students can lead a healthy, productive school life. You can use this facility for first-aid treatment when you get injured in an extracurricular activity or other situations or to rest when you’re not feeling well.

Counseling Room

A licensed psychological counselor provides consultation in a range of areas such as interpersonal relations, psychological troubles, and personality issues.

Support for Disadvantaged Students

Students who suffer from illnesses or disabilities can receive the support they need to attend classes. In the Health Center, there is a space where students can rest and relax.

Counselor Specialized in Harassment

To protect the human rights of everyone at this university, we employ a counselor specialized in harassment issues. We also have regulations to prevent harassment.


About 90 students are now living in six dormitories, which include co-ed and women-only facilities. The university assigns students to the appropriate dormitory. Many students also live in rental housing in Habikino, where the university is located, or the neighboring city of Fujiidera.

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