Campus Facilities

  • Building No. 1

    The building houses a cafeteria, bank ATMs, a small gymnasium, “i-Talk” Language Plaza, and other facilities indispensable for a comfortable school life.

  • Building No. 2

    The building is mainly composed of lecture rooms and laboratories. On the first floor is an open area where you can enjoy a pleasant breeze.

  • Building No. 3

    A computer room with PCs to access the Internet anytime, ICT rooms, a learning commons, and a library with 270,000 books are housed in the building.

  • Building No. 4

    The Career Center, Student Support Center, and Teacher Development Promotion Center provide all the support students need for life on campus.

  • Building No. 5

    Various laboratories can be found here. There are also areas to relax and unwind including a rooftop garden, promenades, and a lawn.

  • Building No. 6

    Laboratories, the Health Center, and a campus shop that serves as a convenience store and bookstore are located in the building.

  • Building No. 7 (Research Building)

    There are 95 faculty offices. The building also has seminar rooms with audiovisual equipment, lounges, and study booths.

  • Building No. 8 (Music Building)

    This dedicated music building has piano practice rooms open to all students, a rhythm-training room, and the rooms of the university’s music-related clubs/associations.

  • General Gymnasium

    Equipped with the latest facilities, this gymnasium has a main arena, an indoor swimming pool, training rooms, and a café lounge, making it an ideal site for extracurricular activities and gym classes of courses related to education/child caring.

  • Lecture Hall

    This octagonal lecture hall is modeled on Yumedono Hall of Horyuji Temple, which was founded by Prince Shotoku. It is spacious enough to accommodate 1,200 people and is used for job placement guidance and other events. The hall is sometimes divided into three areas to use as large lecture rooms.

  • Main Lecture Hall

    This hall is mainly used as a place where students learn the Buddhist spirit of Prince Shotoku, which is the foundation of this university’s educational philosophy. With its gently sloping tiers of 1,500 seats, this building is used for worship services, entrance ceremonies, commencements, job placement guidance, and other events for large numbers of people.

IBU Abeno Harukas Satellite Campus

The satellite campus is located on the 23rd floor in Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan, which stands at 300 meters. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of Osaka. As with the Career Center at the university’s campus in Habikino, any student of IBU can visit here to receive advice.
This office is also available for graduates of the university. They visit here to share information and enjoy interactions. With extension classes and lectures held for the public, this brightly sunlit, glass-paned satellite campus is always bustling.

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