Message from the President

Nurturing young people who contribute to Japan and to the world

Shitennoji University is a private university founded by Shitennoji Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan. The university nurtures young people who contribute to Japan and to the world, and who do so with a spirit of wa (harmony).

We believe that formal classroom learning should be complemented by as much real-world learning as possible. Our curriculum gives students the opportunity to plan programs that lead them to engage with the outside world. Receiving recognition not only from teachers but also from members of society enables young people to learn more about themselves and therefore to grow.

I want our students to take on challenges that are possible only during their time as students. Their efforts may not always prove successful, but I believe that people learn through their failures. I want our students to be fearless in taking on new challenges.

Our faculty members want to help every student at Shitennoji University to achieve their dream. So join us here, and grow to become a future leader. This is our way of performing our duty to the world, spreading the spirit of wa.

Hiroshi Iwao

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